Reliable Expertise to Improve Security and Reduce Costs.

Linux ConsultancySCS have over 15 years experience of deploying Linux. SCS offer Linux consultancy to businesses, NGO's, charities and the private individual.

For both server and desktop environments, Linux provides a very wide range of applications, from complete file, web and database servers, to desktop publishing, word-processing and spreadsheets.

Security has become a very serious business issue. The effective protection of data from an ever increasing range of threats, from a simple virus, to full blown hacking, is imperative. Linux has a very long heritage as a highly secure operating system, whether on the server or the desktop.

Linux is an extremely cost effective solution. Most of the applications are not only well known and respected, like the Apache Webserver, MySql Database, etc, but are open source and therefore have no licensing costs, thus dramatically reducing cost of ownership.

SCS can provide the knowledge and expertise to implement secure, world class business solutions for your business, large or small.